Our Programmes

There’s SCIENCE behind all the fun!

Our programs are carefully designed to ensure that the exercises and activities stimulate, promote and/or rectify all neuro-motor and physical skills.

Lessons have fun themes to ensure that your child has as much fun as possible while growing stronger and smarter!

baby massage and stimulation programme


0 – 12 MONTHS

This programme focuses on the sensory-motor development of your baby to ensure optimal physical and cognitive development. By using appropriate, stimulating activities the Kinderkineticist can assist and encourage milestone development!

Benefits of Baby Stimulation & Massage:

baby-kinetics programme


1 – 2 YEARS

This programme provides toddlers with a safe but challenging environment where they can explore their movement capabilities in a relatively informal manner.

It focuses on developing skills such as:

pre-school development programme


2 -7 YEARS

This programme improves the fundamental motor skills which act as the building blocks for school readiness and sport skills.

This program focuses on:

remedial and adjusted programme


4 -13 YEARS

This therapeutic programme is specially designed according to the unique needs of the child as determined by scientific evaluations. Ideal for children with physical, motor and/or cognitive delays.

This programme addresses the following:

Based on experience as well as the use of certain test batteries, Kinderkineticists is able to identify any developmental delays or disabilities that might be in need of further assessment or intervention. If necessary we will refer to other medical-related professions.

sport and wellness


7 -13 YEARS

This programme is designed to improve all aspects of physical fitness that will prepare children for sport participation. An exciting variety of exercises, games and equipment is used so that being active and becoming fit is FUN!

Children younger than 13 should rather try out a variety of sports to master the fundamental movement skills before specializing. By doing this they improve their all-around physical conditioning, prevent the risk of injury and develop important life skills such as problem-solving, communication and teamwork.

This programme focuses on the following aspects: