Benefits and Importance

Why is Edukinetics the key to your child's development?

In this day and age children are being exposed to far less movement than they were in the past. This is due to the influence of technology, environmental dangers and limited physical activity in the school curriculum. Together, these influences limit children’s opportunities to move and be active.

Our programmes are carefully designed to ensure that children have fun while participating. If children develop a love for physical activity while they are young, they are more likely to lead healthy, active lifestyles as adults. By preventing and treating factors such as learning disabilities, motor delays and obesity Kinderkinetics aims to improve the quality of children’s lives.

Kinderkinetics focuses on each aspect of motor development:

Kinderkinetics motor development

Assists milestone development

Stronger muscles

Reflex Integration

Boosts brain development

Improves balance
and coordination

Proprioceptive and
Vestibular Stimulation

Kinderkinetics motor development

Improves Bilateral and
hand-eye coordination

Improves spatial awareness

Improves rhythm
and timing

Improves perceptual
skills necessary for
school readiness

Improves aerobic fitness

Strengthens core
muscles and posture

Develops shoulder
stability and fine
motor skills

Improves midline crossing

Why enroll now?

Did you know that as children grow they go through developmental “windows of opportunities”? When the windows are open, children have an amazing opportunity to learn new skills and concepts with remarkable ease.

Once the window has closed, however, the same skills must be learned through memorization and repetition.

It is important to stimulate a child’s brain with movement when they are in the midst of these sensitive periods. This will not only lay a good foundation for motor development but also academic, social and emotional development!