Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kinderkinetics?

Kinderkinetics is a profession that aims to promote & optimize the neuro-motoric development of young children (0-13 years) through scientifically based physical activity.  All programmes within this profession have a preventative, stimulating, developing and rehabilitative nature. In summary, it has the following goals:

  1. Promote functional growth and proper motor development of young children.
  2. Focus on certain movement activities to promote/facilitate sport specific skills.
  3. Implement appropriate rehabilitation programmes for children with growth and/or developmental disabilities to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.

Is Kinderkinetics/Edukinetics a franchise?

Edukinetics is a registered Kinderkinetics practice. Kinderkinetics is not a franchise. The profession of Kinderkinetics as a degree is currently presented by various Universities in South Africa.

As a paediatric exercise science, it is studied intensively over a 4 year period and consists of various programs based on scientific and well-researched motor learning principles. These specialized programs are delivered by highly trained health practitioners called Kinderkineticists.

All Kinderkineticists in practice must be registered at the South African Professional Institute for Kinderkinetics (also called SAPIK). 

Why is Kinderkinetics important and what are the benefits?

A moving child is a learning child! Movement at a young age is not only important for a child’s physical development. It is crucial for optimal brain development! By exposing children to diverse movements, and helping them to master those movements, Kinderkinetics helps them to become smarter, stronger, healthier and confident! Read more about the benefits of Kinderkinetics here.

From what age can I enroll my child?

We have a variety of programmes that cater for children between the ages of 0 and 13 years.

  • Baby Stimulation and Massage: 0-12 months
  • Baby Kinetics: 1-2 years
  • Preschool Development: 2-7 years
  • Sport and Wellness: 7-13 years
  • One-on-one Remedial: 0-13 years
Contact us to find out which programme is best suited for your child and their individual needs.

Will Kinderkinetics help my child who has delays?

Yes! By using specific screenings and test batteries, Kinderkineticists are able to identify any developmental delays or disabilities that might be in need of further assessment or intervention. Our remedial programme is specially designed according to the unique needs of the child and is ideal for children with physical, motor and/or cognitive delays.

We can assist children with low muscle tone, postural stability problems, delayed milestone development, poor motor planning, balance and coordination (development coordination disorder), obesity, poor spatial awareness etc.

What does it cost?

Our Monthly fees vary between R295 – R680 per month, depending on the type of program as well as where your child participates (at their school or at the practice). Please let us know which program you are interested in, so that we can provide you with more information.

Can my child do a demo lesson first?

Yes! The best way to understand what we do is to experience it first hand. We can walk you through some of the activities/exercises and explain why we do it. It also gives your child an opportunity to get to know us, the equipment and the environment. We can do a screening of your child’s motor abilities to assess if any further evaluation is necessary. Contact us to arrange your complimentary demo lesson.

What do I do if I want my child to do Edukinetics at their school?

Edukinetics is currently presented at the following schools/premises:

  • Edukinetics Practice
  • Move Me Gym
  • Rochefort Rakkers
  • Happy Faces Montessori, Oki Doki Kuilsriver
  • Leersame Lyfies
  • Bambino Creche
  • Cresca Preprimary
  • Kleintyd Akademie
  • Landies Day and Night Care Centre
  • Little Earth Preschool
  • Lof Kleuters
  • Nota Bene Learning Centre
  • Ons 2 Motoriese Kleuterskool
  • Peppertree Kidz

We are always looking to expand our Edukinetics family! If your child’s school is not on this list, but you would like them to participate at their school, you can send us the school’s name. We will contact the school and arrange a meeting with the principle.

What do I do if I want my child to do Edukinetics at the practice?

To find what the available time slots are at the practice, please contact us by email ( or WhatsApp (082 307 1386).

Where can I study to be a Kinderkineticist?

Please visit SAPIK’s website to learn more about Kinderkinetics and where you can apply to study to become a registered Kinderkinetics. Edukinetics’ door is always open for students who would like to job shadow. We love showing off our cute clients and the fact that we have the best job in the world 😊